Best Rain-X Alternatives

Best Rain-X Alternatives

Water repellents are becoming more and more popular and many people have now begun using repellent sprays. Having good visibility in the rain is essential to maintain safety while you are driving. To ensure that your windshield remains safe and you are able to see clearly, it is important that you think about using a robust repellent. 

Rain-X is one of the most popular choices, and the company has also included dedicated wiper blades that will clean your windshield.

If you don’t want to swap out your wipers, the Rain-X water treatment system is a great choice. You just have to add a bottle into the car wash bin to prevent the windows from fogging up. There’s also a washer fluid available that you can add to the washer fluid bottle to keep your car clean. Every bottle can be used to treat four gallons of water of regular washer fluid. 

However, Rain-X is not the only solution. There are other alternatives available, including Aquapel, Glaco (Soft99), and Gtechniq G1. Let’s check them out one by one.

Top 3 Rain Repellents Like

1. Aquapel

Aquapel is an excellent glass treatment solution that completely changes the way drivers get out on the road in the rain. It isn’t just limited for use on the auto glass; you can also use it on other windows as well. The Aquapel is capable of fighting the elements at home, in automobiles, and in marine applications.

Aquapel was created by PPG Industries and they have created a product that focuses more on automobile safety. It repels rain and also reduces glare by a considerable margin.


The Aquapel Applicator Pack starts at $9.95. The Aquapel Glass Windshield Cleaner Can cost $4.95. The most expensive one is the Aquapel Installation Pack with the Glass Cleaner Can and it costs $13.90.


Aquapel is designed for use in four different applications: automotive, heavy-duty, marine, and household. It forms a chemical bond with the glass that increases the overall level of repellency. The water beads and then sheds from the surface and the treatment is also designed to last almost six times longer than conventional silicone-based products. It’s a great and affordable choice.


  • Affordably priced
  • Works as advertised
  • Made by professionals who know a thing or two about glass


  • Not suitable in temperatures below 50 degrees F and above 90 degrees F
  • Doesn’t improve glass durability
  • Needs reapplication

2. Glaco

Glaco is one of the leading companies that manufacture glass repellent systems and they have released an excellent coating in the form of Soft99. Designed for automotive glass, the Glaco Soft99 is a fluorine-based water repellent that mixes isopropyl alcohol and acid.

This is a roll-on that you can use on your car’s glass. It must be kept out of direct sunlight. The product must be applied to clean and dry glass using the felt applicator. Once you are done applying it, you can simply make use of a damp towel to wipe off all the residue.


The Glaco Soft99 costs $20.95 but it comes with a felt applicator and the roll-on, so you are getting pretty good value for the amount you pay. If you want something that’s reliable and will last you a long while, the Glaco gives excellent value for money.


The Glaco Soft99 will last for upwards of a year when it is applied properly. It is a highly effective rain repellent solution that you can choose for your car. Unlike most others, this one also creates a chemical bond with the glass, and this also improves the durability of the surface. It’s a pretty reliable choice for people who are interested in a decent, high-quality hydrophobic coating for the glass in their cars.


  • Lasts upwards of a year
  • Easily available
  • Increases durability


  • A bit expensive
  • Some people report a bit of blurriness for the first few days after application.

3. Gtechniq G1

The Gtechniq G1 is a clear vision glass coating that can be applied on the windshield or other glass surfaces in your car. It adds a clear, protective coating that is designed to keep the window glass clear and clean over a longer period of time. The coating is resistant to wiper blades and can last much longer than the ordinary sealants that you will find in the market.

The Gtechniq G1 also prevents smears left behind by the wiper blades and uses a special formula that keeps your windshield visibility high.


The Gtechniq G1 is sold through various distributors so there’s a difference in pricing. However, in general, the coating costs somewhere between $17.99 and $20. Most companies usually sell it for $17 and it comes with a residue remover as well.


The Gtechniq G1 is sold in a 15 mL bottle and comes with a small residue removal tool. It’s a pretty effective solution for people who want to simplify wet weather driving and need something that will improve visibility. The application process is incredibly convenient and it doesn’t take long for an average person to apply it.

Once the Gtechniq G1 has been applied, it adds a hydrophobic coating to your glass that prevents any kinds of scratches or water residue. The Gtechniq G1 can last for up to two years or up to 30,000 miles. It also makes things easier to clean bugs and other things from the surface of the windshield. The hydrophobic function greatly improves weather visibility.


  • Affordable pricing
  • Long-lasting solution
  • Effective hydrophobic coating


  • Not readily available
  • Some people claim it’s not that powerful


These are some of the most popular solutions for people who are looking for a suitable alternative to Rain-X. If you want to install a powerful hydrophobic coating on your auto glass and need something that’s durable and will last longer, these are three viable alternatives. They will last a long while without requiring any kind of care or upkeep as well. Make sure you choose one after evaluating your requirements!

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