Best Geeking Alternatives

Best Geeking Alternatives

Geeking was a beloved roleplaying chat app that gained wide popularity among anime and roleplaying fans. (Think Omegle, but for roleplayers.)There was a very engaged community that was devastated to learn the app would be shut down in 2018. Ever since roleplay geeks have been trying to find the best alternative for the Geeking Roleplaying App.

If you’re curious about some of the geeking alternatives that are quickly gaining in popularity, keep reading because a few of them are below.

(UPDATE: Excellent news, Geeking has returned! But only as a website, no longer as a native iOS or Android app. Visit it here!)

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6 Roleplaying Chat Apps Sites Like Greeking

1. Virtual Space Amino

Cost: Free to download and compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones. There are also no in-app purchases for this app.

Features. Virtual Space Amino is a place for people who want to show off their creativity, their writings, and their imagination. It has a very active role-playing community and allows you to do things such as ask questions about role-playing, share pictures or stories with everyone else, write answers to questions so that you can gain points, and, best of all, find friends who share your interests and passions.


  • It is available in a total of nine languages, including English, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, German, French, Korean, Arabic, Portuguese, and Russian
  • You can personalize the app to make it your own
  • You can share anonymously if you like


  • Some have complained they were banned from the app and they aren’t sure why
  • Some have complained about the behavior of other members in certain games

2. Geek Dating Amino

Cost: It is free to download and works on all systems, including Android and iOS smartphones.

Features: If you love meeting other people online to chat, make friends, and even to date, this app is for you! It’s one of the fastest-growing community and chat platforms around, and it offers you the chance to share dating tips and tricks, discover a community that is supportive of you, and make meaningful connections with other geeks who have the same interests as you. There is even a geek catalog you can contribute to if you like.


  • It offers the chance to connect with more than just people looking for “hook-ups”
  • It allows for a lot of creativity and personalized profiles
  • Users like the fact that there are so many nice people to choose as friends


  • Some complaints that it’s rather confusing to use
  • Some people think that it’s just a forum and not a dating app


Cost: Free to download but can only be used on Android devices. There are in-app purchases available for this game.

Features: One of the main benefits of this game is that you can play it anytime. You never have to wait until a certain number of people are available to play with you. You play and roll dice to get what you want out of the game. You can either create your own campaign and ask others to join you, or simply join another user’s campaign. You can also see the results of your dice roll without having to leave the chat screen.


  • It is a very organized, user-friendly app
  • It is easy to find people to socialize and role-play with
  • It provides campaigns that are customizable to meet your needs


  • Some problems with the log-in function
  • Some complaints about frequent crashes

4. Roleplay Amino for RP

Cost: This app is free and compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

Features: With a four-star rating and more than 50,000 installs, this is a great way to meet other RPers and even create a few role-plays of your own. You can role-play with people all over the world, share your role-play art and creations, and even learn from and contribute to the app’s extensive role-play catalog. You can read new stories, watch videos, and receive unlimited text messages, videos, URLs, and much more. It is the perfect app to download if you’re a role-playing enthusiast.


  • Users love the amazing plot stories and interesting people
  • There are not that many ads or requests for personal information
  • Customer service is great when you need help


  • It has a learning curve and can be a bit confusing at first
  • There are some complaints from users who get logged out too often


Cost: This is not an app but a website that people go to and join, so it is 100% free.

Features: The site is separated into two different sections. The Starters section allows you to post a general description of a story you’re starting, and you ask other users to join in and help you continue the story. The Stories section contains ongoing stories that anyone can jump into at any time. The interesting thing about the website is that the stories consist of all types of themes, offering something for everyone.


  • It is very lively and has tons of stories to choose from
  • It is 100% free and compatible with all types of computers
  • It changes frequently and never gets boring


  • It is not an app and can only be used online through its website
  • Some of the stories are rather risque

6. Roleplaying Discord Servers

Cost: The Discord app is free to download and compatible with both iOS and Android systems. It does offer in-app purchases that range from $1.99 to $274.94 per item.

Features: When you want to talk, hang out with friends, and chat via video, this is where you need to be. It is made for teens and is great for gaming groups, community groups, and any other groups where members share similar interests. You can turn images into emojis and share them with friends, post funny videos for other users to enjoy, and even create a place to talk that is “invitation only” so that you can approve other users before they join the chat. With permission levels and moderation tools, you can customize your chats to get the most out of this app.


  • There are lots of customizable tools to create the exact type of forum you want
  • The invite-only tool makes it a more pleasant experience for users
  • It allows you to role-play with others, makes bots, stream games, and much more


  • Some of the in-app purchases are a bit expensive
  • It has a learning curve that you need to get used to before playing

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