Best Chordify Alternatives

Best Chordify Alternatives

Chordify is an app that allows you to transfer your music onto the app so that it can take that music and create chords for you. This means that it is easier to play these songs yourself, and you can use songs from YouTube, SoundCloud, your own private collection, or just about anywhere else. It’s a very useful app when you wish to learn all of your favorite songs, and it starts at under $2 per month.

If you’re looking for some alternative apps for Chordify for whatever reason, we have a few of them described below that you can consider.

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1. ChordU

Cost: ChordU is compatible with most versions of both iOS and Android smartphones and is completely free to download.

Features: Perfect for use in a music classroom, ChordU recognizes chords from various songs and allows you to either select a song or browse through a group of songs to find one that you’d like to learn. You can save favorites for use later on and even tune chords to reflect your personal preferences, among many other things.


  • User-friendly website makes it easy to learn
  • You can choose from thousands of songs in all genres
  • It allows you to get personalized track recommendations


  • There are some complaints about the videos freezing up
  • Some users experience glitches with certain versions of Android

2. Fender Play

Cost: Riffstation Pro used to cost $35 per year but is now free to download on both Mac and PC computers. The regular Riffstation app is no longer available except on desktop.

Features: Owned by Fender, this is the perfect program to use if you want to pick up a guitar and play all of your favorite songs. You can load the songs to recognize the chords and play along with all types of songs, and you can also slow down playback, loop sections, change pitch, and even isolate different riffs, making each note and song your own.


  • It is free and simple to download
  • It supports most formats, including MP3 and WMA, among others
  • It provides very accurate results when you look for a song


  • Is only downloadable on desktop computers
  • Takes a long time to detect chords on very long songs

3. Guitaa

Cost: This is a free online music service.

Features: With this app, you can get chords for any song and get them fast. It is designed to be used with guitar, piano, or ukulele, and there is even a section for beginning players so you can start playing immediately. You can search or browse for the song you want, and there are hundreds of them to choose from.


  • It is great for both beginners and experienced players
  • Website contains many useful articles for musicians
  • Website is very user-friendly


  • It is sometimes difficult to learn on your own


Cost: Free to download on Windows systems

Features: With a simple-to-use layout, is easy to use even for people who are not tech-savvy. It provides you with automatic chords from songs on YouTube and MP3 devices, and it is good for both beginners and more experienced players.


  • Excellent customer service
  • Software that is user-friendly and dynamic
  • Great performance


  • Security could be a bit better


Cost: It is free to download on both iOS and Android systems, but there are in-app purchases if you want more than just the basic services.

Features: This is an app that is highly rated by most users, and the music that’s available goes all the way back to the 1950s. It also offers tons of genres and can accommodate both beginning players and advanced players. Finally, the app/website makes it super easy to look up any artist that you’re interested in.


  • Has tons of tabs and chords for piano, guitar, ukulele, and bass
  • Offers a lot even in the free version
  • Allows you to interact with other musicians


  • Some complaints about trouble with refunds
  • Some complaints about features promised but not delivered by the company

6. ChordChord

Cost: Free to download and use.

Features: If you want an app that is easy to use, provides chord progressions for all genres, and allows you to find and play all types of chords and melodies regardless of your taste in music, this is it. With this app, you can enjoy midi over WiFi, bassline creations, activate rhythm and loop mode, “like” chord progressions, and choose the scale of your chord progressions, among other features.


  • Is very user-friendly
  • Helps you become more creative in your musical endeavors
  • Allows you to create chords then export them as a midi file and drag it to your favorite DAW


  • Some complaints that you have to pay to change the instrument sounds

7. Songsterr

Cost: Songsterr is free to download but offers a more advanced version that you have to pay for, although the price is reasonable.

Features: One of the things that makes this app so popular is how many things the free version offers. That said, the paid version offers perks such as the ability to adjust the speed and tempo of a track, loop a specific section of a song, and play just the solo if that’s what you want to do. Given that the paid version is less than $10 per month, true music lovers and songwriters will consider this the better of the two options.


  • You get a printer-friendly format for each track
  • Most tabs come with multiple instrument tracks
  • You can start a song easily by counting in the beat


  • There are some complaints that the interface can’t be customized
  • Some think that it’s cumbersome and hard to read

8. Capo

Cost: It is available for iOS smartphones for around $20 and for Mac computers for $49.

Features: This is a super-advanced music-learning app that is perfect for musicians who want to go as far as they can on their instruments. You can customize the tempo of a song without affecting its pitch, and while it’s geared towards guitar players, players of other instruments can use it as well. You can even change the pitch of a particular song if you like.


  • Super easy to use
  • Versatile with lots of drag-and-drop features
  • Very practical and useful for music lessons


  • It can only stream songs, not download them
  • It is on the pricey side at $49 for Mac and $19.99 for iOS

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